Claire Dessalines is a single mom in a small coastal Delaware town. She’s taking a second chance at life, starting a career in the world of wildlife biology. When widower Brian Melodus moves to town and tries to connect with her, it looks like she’ll have a second chance at love, too, not that she wants it. She’s cynical about romance, and sure she can’t trust him. Just because he’s running some of the State’s most important wildlife rehabilitation programs doesn’t mean he’s relationship material. But when tragedy strikes and Brian is the only person available to help her, Claire has no choice but to rely on him. Circumstances and their shared passion for environmental issues keep bringing them together, and if Claire truly wants to heal, she’ll have to try letting someone into her heart.

First and foremost, For the Birds is a contemporary romance set in a fictional small town on the Delaware Bay.  Despite its fictitious setting, this love story is filled with environmental themes based on real science. My research included interviews with scientists, doctors, and others, as well as lots of reading of articles and books.

There’s real science behind this romance. Click here to read about it.

“Today, and in the forseeable future, real success is something we can only achieve together, each of us doing our part to stop climate disruption. If you haven’t already started, begin today — empower yourself with knowledge and then act on it.  It’s not too late… yet.”  

Claire Dessalines, from For the Birds, Chapter 1