photo: Mike Miller, February 2020

Tara L. Roí used to write for magazines, but she finds creating steamy romance novels with quirky characters way more fun. She gets her best ideas when she’s walking or doing yoga. When not writing, Tara indulges her passions for art, music, food & family.
Tara is also the host of the new podcast, Love in the Changing Climate, coming in 2021.

Before she took the alter-ego author persona of Tara, the author published a historical novel and a nonfiction book about climate change using her real name. For the Birds is the first of many climate-smart romances that will be published under the pen name Tara L. Roí.

A Word from Tara About the Heating World

I want to leave my daughter a healthy planet, so I’m passionate about environmental stewardship. That’s why I’m careful about the resources I use. In my business, that includes my electricity consumption, paper sourcing, writing implements, and how I make my books available to you.

I switched my electric service provider to one that generates 100% of its electricity from local, renewable sources, including small hydro-power plants, geothermal, solar, and wind. I avoid printing documents or manuscripts unless it’s absolutely necessary, but when I do print something, I use 100% recycled paper or paper made from renewable bamboo. As a writer, I go through a lot of pens, so I make sure to buy pens that are manufactured either from metal or from recycled plastic. Offering my books in ebook and audiobook formats saves paper. Paperbacks and hardcover books are print-on-demand, so there are never overruns that have to go back to a warehouse to be destroyed or recycled.