Connecticut Post 3/4/2021

Climate change romance. Environmentally themed romance. Green romance.
In a way, all those terms describe the sort of books Tara L. Roí writes. But, she says, they don’t really capture her style.
“It’s romance that has hot open door love scenes and environmental themes,” says Roí, 48, of New Haven. “But when you say that, it doesn’t sound sexy. It doesn’t sound fun.”
So Roí — whose real name is Rebekah Fraser — came up with her own term to define her work: “glacier-melting romance.”

Arts Respond on WNHH Radio

Lucy Gellman is editor of The Arts Paper and host of Arts Respond on WNHH radio in New Haven, CT. A consummate pro, she brings interview questions that are on point and right on time. We cover everything from the origin of Glacier Melting Romance to the importance of #ownvoicesbooks . We also talk about creative authenticity (and why I write romance under a pen name instead of using my real name), emotional truth in fiction, and what it means to turn a city (in this case, New Haven) into a character. This video takes a moment to load, but once it appears, click below to watch!

Original air date 1/29/2021

Kobo Writing Life Podcast

original air date 12/23/2020

Stephanie and Joni invited me to join them on the Kobo Writing Life podcast in the fall of 2020. Our chat was so much fun! We covered everything from favorite books to climate change to how I went from writing screenplays to magazine articles and finally romance novels. Check it out!